Monday, December 21, 2009

Nutella Cookie Sandwiches

We're still baking up a storm (or baking during a storm) here at the Kennedy Compound. This time it was Real Simple's Sugar Cookies. They had a few different suggestions and I decided to try one of them: Nutella Cookie Sandwiches. mmmmm.

First off, you make a flour mixture (unfortunately not pictured) and then beat unsalted butter and sugar (which went much better this time than last time).

I added an egg and vanilla, then gradually added flour until it got so thick I could barely lift the hand mixer. REEEE-DICULOUS.

Then I popped the dough into the fridge for an hour, before laying it out on a floured surface and using a cutter to make tiny little cookies. That dough went back in the fridge to get firm and then into the oven.

I cooked until the edges just started to brown...except for that poor one that didn't quite make it. Oops!

Then I spooned some Nutella into a plastic bag, snipped off the end, and squeezed about a dime-size amount into the center of a cookie, then pressed another on top to make a sandwich. Easy-peasy!

Finally, sprinkled the tops with confectioners' sugar, which frankly made them look more messy than anything else.

A nice spin on the sugar cookie, but I wish they tasted more like those golden oreos. That would be awesome.


Sara Louise said...

Love love love nutella so I might have to give these a go :-)

ginamom said...

i really hope some of these are coming to my house... and i love cookies that a little too brown so if you still have that little fella, i'll take him!