Friday, December 4, 2009

Journalist Gifts

So, obviously, not all of my readers are journalists or have a journalist on their shopping list. But I strangely have a slew of journalists on my shopping list and as one, I'm always on the lookout for great journo gifts. Here are my picks:
When I was a very young child, about 6 or 7, someone bought my father a board game called "Headlines." To play the game, every person chose about five cards and tried to assemble a funny headline out of it and someone judged each round to pick the best (sorta similar to Apples to Apples). I don't know if that game exists anymore, but Man Bites Dog seems like a similar and cheaper option.

I've been a lifelong newspaper reader, but even I have days where I wrestle with the cheap paper pages and get super frustrated. A coffee shop in Staunton called Coffee On the Corner keeps these Alessi Newspaper Readers on hand and they're awesome. They retail for about $65.

My childhood home (and my adulthood home, unfortunately) was littered with old newspapers, many of which we held onto because we needed them for contests or posterity or because we're packrats. At least this $55 wire newspaper rack could help keep them straight and tidy.

And last, but not least, Save Journalist T-shirts found here.

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