Thursday, December 17, 2009

Gift Guide: Moms and Grandmoms

Finishing Salts Collection, $40 at Williams-Sonoma.

Leather gloves, $50 at J.Crew.

Merino Wool Cardigan, $89.50 at J.Crew.

Fierce Floral scarf, $58 at Anthropologie.

Wedgewood ornament, $25 at Wedgewood.
Beatles tote, $16 on Etsy. Perfect for the grocery store or library runs!

Dogwood Cake Stand, $72 by Whitney Smith on Etsy.

Family Tree print, $45 at My Tree and Me.

French-style Macarons (shown in sweet wedding almond), $36 for a box of 24 at Paulette.

Travel soap, $8 at Saipua.

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