Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Classic Bread Pudding

After Miss Margaret and I conquered the fig and cheese tart, we moved onto dessert: classic bread pudding. I'm pretty sure we used a Joy of Cooking recipe, similar to this one.

Miss Margaret had about 4,000 pieces of French bread left in the fridge, so we set to work cubing it and had enough for two bread puddings.

I won't lie; being a picky eater, mushy bread ranks very high on my list of fears. And Bread Pudding....well, it's all in the name. But I've had some good bread puddings in my past, so I was willing to give this a shot.

We scalded milk and butter, then poured it over the bread cubes, along with sugar, vanilla, cooking sherry and raisins. Finally, we topped with slices of lemon.

Um....this picture scares me a lot. MUSHY.

But once it had baked, the bread pudding was quite lovely (the Delft-style container doesn't hurt!).

Quite lovely, no? It tasted a little sour, which Sean and I didn't much care for, so I would add a lot more sugar and maybe use bourbon. Bread pudding is great with a Bourbon sauce, as well.

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Sara Louise said...

Bourbon does make it taste better! I've been making Bread Pudding with Jack Daniels sauce for years and it's never failed to please

Amanda said...

The Pioneer Woman has the best bread pudding recipe! I doubt I'll ever make another. Hers is complete with bourbon sauce too.