Friday, November 27, 2009

Vintage Cake Topper

I have wrestled with ideas for my cake topper. At first I thought I'd try a really ambitious project to create papier mache newspaper birds, but um ... I have my doubts that'll happen. I barely clean my house, much less make papier mache anything.

Then I thought I'd use an ampersand, as a nod to our typography/journalism theme and also to signify that we're now joined.

But that all went to hell when I spotted this handsome fella and pretty gal on top of a shelf on my way out of my very favorite antique store ever, 17 East Beverley in Staunton.

Their flowers are yellowed, his hair is a little chipped and her birdcage veil is a little ripped. But they're still together, after 60 years. And they only set me back $28!

They came home with me and I hope someday they land on my daughter or son's cake. They do, however, present a problem, as I am having cupcakes. So we'll either have to get a tiny little cake or just set this on the top tier by itself. Suggestions?


ArchitectDesign™ said...

I like your idea of setting it on the top tier with all of the cupcakes below it!

gina-mom said...

i vote tiny cakelet that will be saved for your first anniversary as tradition dictates... it could simply be a larger cupcake set in the center of the top tier