Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sunday Best v.2

Looks like someone already had my dream wedding! Check out the gorgeous, whimsical wedding of Jennie and Brian over at Our Blog of Love. I love everything about it. Period.

Well today is my birthday and I thought I'd celebrate by enjoying my favorite present from last year: my Candy Red Electra Deluxe bicycle. And let me tell you, nothing reminds you more that you just aged one year than a bike ride that leaves you sweaty and unable to move. Geez.

Anyways, on to the Sunday Best:
1. The wedding above; seriously, click through it!
2. These darling custom silhouette ornaments by Etsy seller Le Papier Studio. I seriously can't imagine a better Christmas keepsake, and they're so stylish, you could hang them year-round. It almost makes me wish I had kids.
3. Speaking of custom silhouettes, how gorgeous are these foil-stamped customized journals from Paper + Cup?
4. My favorite jewelry designers, Conroy and Wilcox, just introduced the most amazing diamond necklace I've ever seen: black diamonds, with a hand-shaped clasp.
5. Most recent Wikipedia discovery: Josephine Baker was the original Angelina Jolie. She adopted 12 orphans from across the world.
6. Loved this story about the LA Philharmonic's 28-year-old composer.
7. I would be remiss to ignore this week's Nor'Easter, which blanketed the area in water and dreariness. Check out pictures here: Daily Press storm photos.

I can't wait to update about all the lovely gifts I received and I'm getting ready to go have a fabulous birthday dinner!

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ginamom said...

i haven't had time to check out the links yet but i'm glad you had a good birthday and i thank god for you daily... i thought i told you about josephine's "rainbow tribe" years ago?... she had to have an emergency "c-section" due to an intrauterine infection after a miscarriage...