Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fashionable Puddle-Jumping

It's raining today (for the millionth day this month) and it's got me thinking about rain gear. I've got some 6-year-old rainboots that are probably about ready to be replaced, a stained and 15-year-old London Fog trenchcoat and a beloved Marimekko umbrella, but I think it's about time to upgrade. Not likely to happen before Christmas, but here's what I've got my eye on:

This Michael Kors all-weather trench coat from Nordstrom, on sale for $98.90.
The Mon Cheri umbrella at ModCloth, $29.99.

The Hunter Tall Boot in silver (super bling!), also at Nordstrom, $115.


Paige said...

All I ever think of when I see Hunter boots is, "OMG - the official boot of the Queen of England..." lol - I read it in an article once and have since been convinced that they're the perfect boot choice for me too!

Amber said...

I did not know that! But she does have great taste in wet tromping gear.