Friday, November 6, 2009

Shoshona Snow Ornaments

How fabulous are these $16 porcelain ornaments by Shoshona Snow? I love the graphic quality of white-on-black, the pops of color and the versatility. This could work on any tree, I think.

This will be the first year Sean and I decorate a tree and I have no idea what we're going to do. I have my single-gal ornaments + my childhood family ornaments. I'm pretty positive Sean doesn't have one.

I also keep flip-flopping on real tree vs. fake. I LOOOOOVE real trees, but I know us, and we are the types of people who would have pine needles everywhere and a brown tree in our living room long after Dec. 25. Things to ponder, for sure.


Emily said...

Real tree no question! It's easier to take care of than you think and they last much longer and don't lose the needles as much as you think.

ginamom said...

i always vote for real... even though i caved to artificial... just one of my many sins... by the way tell sean i need a christmas list and are you two doing stockings?