Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Best v.3

I'm of the general opinion that Ernest Hemingway was a royal SOB, but I kind of adore this picture of him with his first wife, Hadley. Love how she's belted her cardigan and seriously love that snow gear.

1. This NY Mag interview about Kurt's high note on Glee.
2. Pics from DC's very first Dandy Ride, a bicycle ride through town during which people wore their best tweeds.
3. A defense of the actions of Betty Draper, who is probably the prototype for the majority of our grandmothers.
4. The new line of fun headbands and hairpins at
5. I was DROOOLING over all the jewelry I saw this weekend at Pretty Pretty, all made in-house, much of it from found pieces. Gorgeous!
6. A breathtaking diamond ring by Sarah Perlis.

I spent a great weekend in Staunton, my old home, and managed not to take a single picture. Tears! But I left with great memories, which is all that matters!

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