Thursday, February 19, 2015

What I Would Wear to the Oscars 2015

It's time for one of my favorite posts to do every year! Since I love to critique the fashions of the Oscars, I like to also play stylist and imagine how I would dress if I attended the big event. Here's what I'm thinking I would wear if I were...

A Nominee's Date

Being a nominee's date is a tricky fashion know you'll be photographed a ton, but it's also not about you. You don't want to attract an undue amount of attention for being the worst dressed, but you shouldn't be the focus either. So the answer, to me, is a simple shape with pretty details like this beautifully beaded Armani Prive gown. The bow could be a bit much; it might work on the runway, but I'm not totally sure how great it would look on the red carpet. Still, I can't get over how lovely the dress's movement seems to be.

I'd take a styling cue from the runway and wear long earrings, like these diamond dagger drops. They're a little bit edgy and disco. 

Nominated for a Non-Acting Award

Every year some lady producer or documentarian or costume designer gets her 10 minutes in the sun when she wins one of the non-acting awards and every year, there's a lady who clearly had no idea what to wear or how to dress for one of these things. I would go with an elegant cut in a fetching color, like this canary yellow Monique Lhuillier gown. I think the shape would be flattering for many body types and if you can't get Chanel couture, I feel like you'd have a shot at borrowing from Monique Lhuillier.

But if you're going simple on the dress, why not have a little fun with the jewelry? I love the diamond, turquoise and ruby serpent cuff, which would lend just the right amount of interest and give the entire ensemble an exotic vibe.

An Ingenue Presenting an Award

Many an ingenue has stolen the red carpet in a golden-toned gown. Dress like Oscar and you might be taking one home someday! If I were a hot young ingenue, I would turn up the sexy factor, but also be sure my outfit is event-appropriate. Since they often invite the hottest young things to present some of the awards, it's important to make sure the dress has great movement on TV, is memorable, but also not trying to steal the spotlight from the actual nominees. I think this gold Sophie Theallet gown could be the ticket.

I would keep the jewelry minimal, except for maybe a Chanel comet ring. This young ingenue will need a lucky star!

Previous Nominee Likely to Win

If you've been to the show a few times and just never seem to win, like poor Julianne Moore or Kate Winslet for all those years before "The Reader," you know to dress like a winner when it seems like your time has come. This beautiful Zuhair Murad gown would be a great choice for a person like that. It's got a touch of Grace Kelly in the Hitchcock years, but the sparkle makes its wearer seem heaven-sent. The extra fabric to the back would look so elegant going up the steps to accept the award!

A seriously sparkly dress like that demands some seriously sparkly earrings. I like these Old European diamond drop earrings.

Likely to Win Best Supporting Actress

If the awards show sweep continues, odds are high that Patricia Arquette will take home this award. She's looked great for the awards season, but historically she's been pretty hit and miss with her fashions. She has a real woman's body, and that always seems to keep designers guessing! I think a dress like this Elie Saab would be ideal: a little covered up, but still giving some sex appeal and a regal quality that fits a winner. Also, it would look amazing with her blue eyes!

For a dress like that, there's no choice to me but sapphire earrings. These art deco drops would be just the thing.

First-Time Nominee

I think my favorite Oscar fashion moments always come from the first-time nominees. Usually they're ladies who always look amazing, but have a chance to go really over the top and dominate the red carpet. There are a few I'm excited about this year: Emma Stone, Felicity Jones and Rosamund Pike. If I were in their shoes, I'd love to don this kind of rock-n-roll meets Marie Antoinette ruby gown by Zac Posen. It would look good from every angle, and especially good during an acceptance speech.

I'd pair it with this Edwardian fringe diamond necklace from 1stDibs...something delicate but sparkly. It's your chance to be a princess!

Alternatively, I couldn't pass up this gorgeous coral gown by Elie Saab. It would look so lovely on a British rose like Felicity Jones. The pockets and little belt give it a nice modern vibe, and the neckline is very elegant.

I'd wear my hair in a pretty romantic chignon to show off pretty conch pearl drop earrings like these

So there you have it! The fun is always seeing if any of my pics make it to the show; they usually don't, because these girls have the ability to get custom or vintage gowns we've never seen on a runway. Would I end up on your worst-dressed or best-dressed lists?

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