Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Let's Catch Up: Beer Fests, Birthdays and Concerts

 Life lately, in pictures: A couple weeks ago, we saw just about everyone we know at O'Connoroo, a one-day festival kickoff for the new location for O'Connor Brewery. The new space is perfect for summertime happy hours, and food trucks come in to help satisfy the demand for tasty bites.

 The crowd was no. joke.

Wine Club's most recent venture out on the town was to Luna Maya for Stacie's birthday. Ashleigh got her the greatest tote of all time, as shown.

 I had an absolutely delicious muddled berry caipirinha.

 And let's just say we all enjoyed the cocktail menu.

 The food is amazing...every bite was better than anything I've had at most of the usual Mexican spots you've visited. I had the chicken chorizo enchiladas with verde sauce; great, smoky flavor melded with gooey, delicious cheese.

 I also had a bite of Stacie's carne asada for her fajitas, and it was so good, I'm craving it a week later!

 On Friday, we made it to the free The Head and the Heart concert at Harborfest, which was just a lovely cap to the work week.

And Saturday, we celebrated this little lady's first birthday. What's better than an afternoon sitting on the floor, watching a toddler answer a Fisher Price rotary telephone and blowing bubbles? Simple delights are the best!

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