Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Midcentury Office Chair Conundrum

As I mentioned last week, I picked up this 60's rosewood desk chair with the intention of getting it reupholstered.

The current fabric is an ugly 80's pattern that does nothing to bring out the warmth of the wood. Being the naive little darling I am, I imagined that would be 3 yards of fabric, max and thus, might not be too expensive. I'll wait for you to stop laughing at my ignorance.

So far I've only gotten one quote, but it confirmed my suspicions: the gorgeous solid rosewood back makes this a trickier job than most, plus it needs a good welt (cording) around all the sides...definitely not a job for amateurs! The quote I received estimated a couple hundred bucks, which is really only worth it if I expect to have it my entire life, or if I think I could someday sell it for more than that. I'm torn, because I totally love its unique shape and that rosewood is gorgeous, but I also seriously doubt I could ever re-sell it for more than the total cost. (You never know, though...perfectly preserved chairs like this go for more than $1,000 on 1stDibs...but I'm no antique dealer!)

So what would you do? I'm kind of inclined to save my pennies up and spring for it down the line, but that makes me afraid I'll never do it and just end up getting rid of it after a couple moves. Thoughts?

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Maggie said...

How about getting an estimate on its value? Then you'd be able to determine if $200 or so for upholstery would be worth it. It is a gorgeous chair, even with the fabric.Love your blog!