Friday, July 12, 2013

Jams of the Week

Literary Jams: Reconstructing Amelia

I'm still just a readin' fiend! Recent reads have included this mystery, which traces one mother's efforts to understand how her teenage daughter died. It's a quick read, super contemporary and on-topic. It definitely makes being a teenager today seem totally crazy, though!

Freedom by Jonathan Franzen

And just yesterday morning, I finished "Freedom" by Jonathan Franzen and it totally lived up to the hype. I became completely engrossed in the lives of one family, spanning a few decades. That's kind of my favorite kind of book, it seems.

Workout Clothing Jam: Old Navy

I've recently been trying to get a real exercise habit going in earnest, and the best way to get pumped is always to get new workout clothes! I've recently picked up a few things from Old Navy's Active line and I LOVE everything from their collection, which is really cleverly designed. These pants have a little pocket where you can stash a key or ID or whatever, and are super comfy and flattering. Their socks and shorts are also super fabulous and clever. 

Concealer Jam: Benefit Fake Up

I recently had to make a TV appearance for work (!!!) and I wanted to make sure I had a concealer up to the task. This new concealer from Benefit is a hydrating concealer that's still super long-lasting. That means it doesn't get all cakey in your fine lines, but provides coverage, which is what I needed.

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