Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Weekend Fun: Block Parties, Cocktails & Boardwalk Art

 Hello pals! We had one of those great weekends you only seem to have in the summertime this week. My work hosted a community day and I was excited to enjoy a snowball...my favorite flavor combo? Tiger's Blood and Mango. Mmmmm so good.

 On Saturday night, Sean and I tried a new restaurant in Hampton called Venture Kitchen & Bar, a nice mix of pizza and tapas, sandwiches and entrees with a great and affordable cocktail menu! Seriously, it hit all the right notes for me in terms of having broad appeal. I had the meatball banh mi with tater tots that looked like cubes and were delicious.

 And I was completely torn about what cocktail to get. I ended up with the Eternal Sunshine (not shown), but next time, I think I gotta try the Blackberry Moonshine Lemonade.

 We left just in time to hear Phil Roebuck at Hampton's Block Party and enjoy small cups of ice cream. The most adorable toddler was dancing with perfect rhythm the whole time, and put on quite a show.

Afterward, we went to see "This Is the End" and legit laughed from start to finish. I have a strong affinity for all of those actors since I watched "Freaks & Geeks" when it aired...it makes it feel like a high school reunion whenever I see them all together. It was fun and we've been quoting it for days.

 On Sunday, we went to our very first Norfolk Tides game...for about 45 minutes. LOL. We went for a company event, but then sneaked off to go ...

 ... to the Boardwalk Art Show in Virginia Beach. It's miles of boardwalk and it's such a nice treat. Some of my favorites included:

 Ethereal landscapes by artist Maggie Grier.

 Stylish digital mixed media pieces by Sarah Collier.

 Beautiful impressionist landscapes by Larry Smith.

And beautiful impressionist still lifes by David Oleski.

It reminded me to get my brushes out and back to painting, because I think it would be such fun to really try this style.

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