Thursday, June 13, 2013

Today I Like ... 7 Oaks Road Pottery

I have a newfound appreciation for pottery since starting work at an art center. I've never taken it, but I'm hoping to find the time soon to give it a shot. I was especially inspired after seeing this work by 7 Oaks Road, a Portsmouth-based shop, at Stockley Gardens last month. (Cake stand, $70)

Not only are the shapes right on trend...both traditional and contemporary, but the pieces seem like heirlooms you'd want to pass right down the family line. I also am a sucker for the shades of glaze used in all of the pieces. (Peony Jar, $48)

Plus, I'm pretty sure I need a cake stand just like this (no longer for sale, unfortunately).

I've been crazy busy lately, it seems, but pottery is definitely on my bucket list now!

1 comment:

Heather West said...

Oh wow, that cake stand is absolutely beautiful!