Friday, March 16, 2012

Get Your Irish On!

As you prepare to down pints of Guiness and Smithwick's and shots of Bailey's for St. Pat's, feast your eyes on the gorgeous Irish countryside paintings of Rosemary Carr

Carr paints using a palette knife at her home studio in Connemara. Dream life, yes? I found her work through lovely Jane Flanagan's blog, Seen and Said

As for us, we're heading out to party in the streets of Norfolk tonight. It's funny to go do the super fake commercial Irish thing knowing that next month, we'll be doing it up authentic style. Do you have fun St. Pat's plans? May I recommend making Sean's Grandma's stew? It's delish.

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gina-mom said...

Actually her stew if made with beef sounds like my mom/grandmom's beef stew complete with refrigerator biscuit dumplings!... I love these paintings, you should try to do some on your trip'