Monday, March 12, 2012

Hunter Boots

Photo by Emerson Made.

 In my excitement about going to Ireland, I've been thinking a lot about wardrobe and items that can do double-duty, thus saving some room in my luggage. The other day I asked Sean if it really does rain a lot and he confirms it can. With average highs in April of 57-60, I was thinking a pair of boots might be smart to pack.

Photo by Emerson Made 

I started thinking the classic Hunter Boots might be perfect (although a bit rigid in my suitcase). They're supposedly indestructible, super fitted tall rainboots that have the look of a normal boot but work hard for the money. They seem perfect for a week that could include walks on city sidewalks, country fields and rocky beaches.

 Hunter Boots have been around 1856, and the green ones were introduced in 1956. They've been worn by royalty, like Princess Diana, while tromping in the countryside.

They're definitely on the pricey side (I bought mine here), but I'm hoping this will be the last pair I buy (at least for a long time). My previous pair was from Nine West and started falling apart within a year or two of purchase. I'm not usually the splurgy type, but I'm pretty excited about these bad boys. For Ireland, I'm planning on packing these, my Sperrys and one pair of flats to get the job done.


Lara said...

Congrats! They are handsome boots and should last a long, long time.
Packing Tip 101: wear your largest pair of shoes/boots on the plane. If I were you, I'd wear these on the plane and pack your flats in your carry-on so that you can change while you're in flight.

The Madd Crafter said...

Or you can pack things inside the boots inside your bag. Might be a good way to bring home souvenirs that you don't want to see broken.