Monday, March 26, 2012

Eating and Admiring in Onancock

 I know I already shared some pics from our Eastern Shore visit, but I had a few more I wanted to post, if you don't mind.

Sean and I went to eat at Mallards on the Wharf, which is a lovely little restaurant in the old Hopkins Bros. store building.

Sean stayed in his safe zone and got a burger, but I ordered a rockfish sandwich, with lemon horseradish mayo and kettle chips. It was good, especially on the toasted bun.

 The houses were so sweet and lovely...I couldn't decide which was my favorite: this blue one with an amazing porch...

 Or this handsome one with a picket fence and a backyard that backed up to an inlet.

I never stop loving industrial lighting!

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Kate said...

Porches win me over every time!