Monday, March 26, 2012

Exploring the Eastern Shore

I woke up Saturday with an urge to go exploring and despite predictions of rain, Sean and I decided to cross that mammoth Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel and go to the Eastern Shore. I think a normal Eastern Shore tour is supposed to include kayaking and horses, but that'll just have to be another day. Here are some peeks at the day, care of my Android's faux instagram.
 This was waist-high in the historic Hopkins Brothers Store.
This is a shot from the inside of the beautiful Market Street Antiques, which had AMAZING prices on gorgeous wood dressers and bureaus.
 How gorgeous would these antique billiards balls be displayed in a man room somehow?
The back room is an incredible architectural salvage, full of gorgeous old doors, mantles, industrial lights and more. I told Sean when we buy a house, we're going out there with a truck.
 The coolest part of the day for  me, actually, was stopping at the gift shop/rest area on the Chesapeake Bridge after the second tunnel. That little hiccup is where one of the tunnels kind of blew my mind.
We walked down to the end of the pier and saw a tween girl start shrieking, "Shark! I caught a shark!" We all looked over the edge and WOW, she really did. It was probably a little short of 2 feet long (seriously) and though they tried valiantly to reel it in, it broke the line just shy of the edge of the dock. I wanted to take a picture but was too afraid I'd drop my phone! It was a crazy moment.

Afterward we stopped at Cheesecake Factory in Virginia Beach and folks, the portion sizes are insane. Sean said he ate more food than he has in his entire life. That place is crazytown, but is crazy delicious. It makes me guilty and proud to be American, as I told my Facebook.

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