Friday, August 12, 2011

Wardrobe Must: A Fabulous Hat!

A better blogger would have written this post right before the Kentucky Derby, or at the start of summer before you all scattered across the globe on vacation. But alas, inspiration only strikes when it wants to, and for me, that was in the past week.

First, I watched "Now, Voyager" last week. It's a classic old Bette Davis movie that, I'll be honest, doesn't hold up terribly well, but is sort of corny soap operatic fun. In it, Bette has a makeover and the swan version of her boards a cruise looking like this:

The height of chic: a hat!

The second thing that happened is that wine club had a party and we all wore our fancy hats. I bought a black and white striped hat a few years ago from Anthropologie and it's probably one of the best investments I've made. It's seriously chic, and I can't recommend that every girl splurge on a fancy hat. Need more inspiration?

Think of Ingrid Bergman, in her downturned fedora in "Casablanca"...

Or Natalie Wood, with a sweet white hat in "Spendor in the Grass" (a seriously great movie) ...

And of course, Ms. Hepburn in The Hat to end all hats.

I took it upon myself to source some hats under $100, all good investment pieces. We still have a few long sunny days left, so splurge now and you'll thank yourself.

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