Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I Spy: DAV Thrift Store

Sometimes I like to vary my routes to and from work, partially in an effort to make the commute less boring and partially in an effort to see where different roads go. Today I decided to take Merrimac Trail to Route 143 and dropped into the Disabled American Veterans Thrift Store. Thrift stores are always so hit-and-miss for me, but today I spotted a few possible gems.

Among them was this $99 storage unit. I picture it with a paint job, either all one solid color, or two separate colors to emphasize the pretty molding on the doors. Perhaps lacquered black, with white trim, like this.

I spotted two ottomans, the first $25, with nailheads ...

And a nubby tweed one for $19.97. Both were in very good shape, and could be recovered.

 This old twin bed was very handsome, and the wood looked quite nice in person. It was $169 (a bit pricey for the thrift store, in my opinion), but I think it would look so lovely in a guest room. Antique beds look particularly great in really muted, Scandinavian-style rooms like this. Or, it could be painted an unexpected color, which could be especially fun in a kid's room (I'm starting to think my true calling is imaginary kid's room design, lol).

 Hidden by the mattresses was this vintage Flexible Flyer sled for $20! Fun and useful objet d'art.

And for $2.99 on the sidewalk outside the store sat this little industrial work table. In an industrial-inspired loft or office, this could be a great printer table. Spray-painted a fun poppy color, it could be a great plant stand.

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