Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Best v. 70

Picture from here.

I'm seriously dying over George Harrison's outfit in this picture. Could J.Crew please make this blazer, kthanks? The shoes aren't bad either.

Sorry for the sparse posting this week...I sort of plateaued into a place where nothing was really blowing me away, I was too busy to cook, and didn't really have anything to report. Let's hope for a more interesting week to look forward to!
  • Great story about what it REALLY takes to quit your day job.
  • An experiment to find out if it really is a small world.
  • Wallpaper made of stickers!
  • A Muppets tribute album, obviously. Rainbow Connection reduces me to tears, every. damn. time.
  • A fascinating (and sad) account of a miscarriage. Seriously, read it.
  • Bookmarking this ultimate baby registry guide for the next time I need to buy a gift (nowhere close to ready for kids myself!).
  • Great behind-the-scenes look at J.Crew.

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