Thursday, December 6, 2018

Christmas Wrapping Scheme 2018

The holidays turn my Martha Stewart-wannabe levels up to 11, and wrapping presents is no exception. I'm now in my 12th year of choosing a wrapping scheme and running with it! I started doing this my first Christmas after college and it's such a fun little design challenge for my brain to see how many combinations I can create from a tight color or pattern scheme.

This year's scheme is — drum roll here — GREEN AND PINK! I had this vision in my mind of a Wes Andersonian color scheme of variations of mossy green and bubblegum pink, with accents of gold. It took me a minute to realize apparently "The Royal Tenenbaums" title card has imprinted on my brain!

The idea sprung from a roll of peachy-pink floral paper designed by Kelsey Garrity Riley that I picked up at O'Suzannah in Charlottesville, one of my all-time favorite gift and stationary stores. From there, I picked up beautiful marbled green and pink papers, plus watercolor greenery paper, at Paper Source. I found the polka dot green paper at Target and the perfect bubblegum pink at Dollar Tree.

My very favorite part of wrapping, however, is getting very frisky with the trimmings. I picked up a spool of pale pink velvet ribbon at Target, dip-dyed green ribbon and moss satin ribbon from Michael's, and pink sequin trim, pale pink vine and olive ribbon at Hobby Lobby. In the scrapbooking section, I found a bag of gold tassels for $2.99.

Check the detail on that marbling! So pretty.

Wrapping presents is truly one of my favorite parts of this season. I totally zen out wrapping, drinking eggnog and watching cheesy Netflix Christmas movies in my Terrific Lady Room (my version of a man cave). May I recommend "Christmas With a View" starring nobodies, alongside Vivica A. Fox and Patrick Duffy?

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