Sunday, December 10, 2017

Christmas Wrapping Scheme 2017

Hello! Still alive over here! One of my 2018 goals is to stop apologizing for long bloggy breaks, but since it's 2017 — here's your apology. Jumping right in here with what I believe might be the most anticipated annual post of the year: my reveal of my Christmas Wrapping Scheme!

I've been choosing a theme for my wrapping every Christmas since I graduated college. It makes the entire process more fun, more creative and removes the "chore" aspect of wrapping presents. I truly love it!

This year's theme is WOODLAND!

I was inspired by the pretty wrapping papers I was seeing at regional craft fairs from two of my favorite local art brands: The Wild Wander and Morris & Norris. I added in a faux bois pattern from Paper Source to bring it all together.

I picked up papers from each of them and supplemented with leather cord, rose velvet ribbon, soft peach ribbon, green vine ribbon, mustard satin and a faux bois ribbon.

I hit the scrapbooking/craft aisles and scored wooden feather stickers, glitter deer stickers and wood slice tags. I threw in some solid copper paper from a previous scheme to round out the selection.

As of last week, we had NO Christmas decorations up and it was making me itchy, so I'm very grateful to have finally started to feel some Christmas spirit up in this piece. I'll be sharing a peek at this year's little Christmas touches around the house soon!

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