Friday, October 9, 2015

Five Years

Today marks five years of marriage. I wish I could say we're jetting off to Paris, or even renting a yurt for a romantic weekend, but this year, life has really gotten in the way. 

In fact, I'd say our fifth year has been the toughest: adjusting to being new homeowners and all the curveballs that come with that (including a broken HVAC), dealing with all sorts of stupid illnesses and injuries, managing increasingly crazy car troubles, financial setbacks and just dumb bad luck stuff. 

But we are still so inordinately lucky, so insanely blessed, that it's hard to even take our problems seriously. Life really is sweeter when you see your best friend every day, a person who actually enjoys a nightly ritual of watching Jeopardy during dinner, or a person who gets weirdly obsessed with the performance of her fantasy football team despite truly not knowing what a tight end does. I always marvel at how much easier it is to tackle life's challenges when you know at least one corner of your life is going well. I wish that for everyone, and I thank my lucky stars to have it.

I'm so looking forward to year six, sixteen and sixty. 

I'd be remiss if I didn't share this old favorite:

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