Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Crazy Week at the Kennedy Casa

Not so much posting lately on my end, but that's partially because I had a crazy week of highs and lows!

The highs: Got a cute new haircut, had an amazing brunch and made a BIG decor change you can read about further down below!

The lows: Sean was out of town for nearly an entire week for a work trip to the West Coast and of course, Murphy's Law dictated that my car had to break down in one of the state's busiest intersections during rush hour when I was completely by myself. 

The good news is that the car problem was a fairly easy fix and didn't completely break the bank, and an honest-to-goodness Tow Truck Angel towed me out of the intersection for nothing. Thank you, anonymous Tow Truck Angel! Faith in humanity restored.

So, let's recap the week in pictures:
 I went a little shorter and sassier for fall! It doesn't look like much, but we actually cut off 3 inches.

Sean and I finally hung art! Almost all of our art was still in boxes and we hadn't seen it since last November. I couldn't look at the huge white wall in our living room anymore!

We changed up the mix a little bit from our old apartment gallery wall, incorporating photographs by Pat Jarrett, my mother's portrait by Clayton Singleton and a watercolor by Hampton Boyer.

Ash and I, along with my coworker Alex, went to see The Intern, a new movie from one of my favorite directors ever, Nancy Meyers. We LOVED it! We laughed, we cried, we nodded in recognition and talked about it for at least the whole next day. I would definitely see it again.

Over the weekend, I was inspired to get a lot done around the house (we have a party coming up and there's no better motivation to clean and decorate than hosting a bunch of people). I finally dragged this faux jadeite lamp and gold-striped lampshade out of my trunk after probably about 9 months of both rolling around in my trunk. So embarrassing! I bought them on clearance and then just kept forgetting to bring them inside. 

But the really exciting news is that with Ashleigh's motivation, we took the master bedroom from this...

(the previous owner's master)

Ashleigh deemed it a "forest abyss"...

To this: An oasis!! Still a lot to do in here decor-wise, but it is already so much brighter and happier and more ME than the original owners' forest green walls. 

We tested three swatches and ended up with Sherwin Williams Sea Salt, a baby blue-green with a touch of gray. It's probably one of the most cliche, most popular bedrooms colors on the market right now but I don't even care. It's my personal oasis!

We finished the weekend on a super high note with the first-ever Wine Club Brunch at Bay Local Eatery, an adorable pitch-perfect spot in Virginia Beach. Everything was on-point, most especially the jumbo sorbet mimosa with six straws. 

I had a smoked turkey, cheddar and bacon sandwich and we all split loaded tater tots, and they were bad decisions I don't regret one bit.

Needless to say, I'm happy to have moved past the car disaster (which involved a lot of borrowing rides and scheduling rentals and canceling rentals and chatting with multiple tow truck drivers) and to have my husband back home!

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Kate said...

You left out the OTHER car disaster! I guess it didn't affect you much but it's nutty that both cars acted up in the same week!