Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Working on Our Curb Appeal

From almost the day we moved in, I've been grimacing about our curb appeal. We moved in just in time for all the plants to die, leaving our house with no color for the entire winter. Eventually, I'm hoping to add some color with year-round shrubs and other foundation plants, but for now, we'll enjoy the hostas that are starting to sprout for spring and summer. In the meantime, I decided to try my hand at creating pretty planters to dress up the porch.

My mommy sweetly bought me these lovely iron planters from Home Depot and I spent a feverish night exploring Pinterest for inspiration. I knew I wanted to aim a color combo I always love: deep purple, lime green and white.

In case you have never planted in planters this large, I have a hot tip I learned the hard way: just buy the HUGE potting mix bags. You would need probably 6 of those little bags if you want to try to fill these.

After checking out what was available at my local garden centers, I ended up with this combo: Cordyline in the middle, flanked by bright green creeping jenny, white candytuft and a pretty purple and green plant whose name escapes me. It might be huechera? Dangit. I knew I'd forget.

And because I know myself, I bought three small glass watering bulbs; I call them my plant insurance policy because I'm so truly terrible at watering plants.

Around the rest of the garden, new plants are sprouting and blooming every day and it's so fun to come home after work and see what's new. This little tree finally sprouted and it's so, so lovely. I still don't know what kind of tree it is, but I'm smitten.

How beautiful are those blossoms? I'm feeling MUCH better about our curb appeal these days...but just wait until I show you our front lawn. Eesh.

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