Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Wine Club: Tour L'Italia!

A couple weeks ago, wine club convened for what might have been one of my favorite themes ever: family-style Italian night! Stacie hosted and gave us the full Olive Garden treatment at home; she made two lasagnas, one with sausage and one with beef. Both were delicious! And just to give the full effect, she served up salad with Olive Garden dressing, which can now be found at the grocery store (!!!). Basically a life-changing discovery right there.

To complement the lasagna, we sampled Chianti wines (sans fava beans.....hahaha).

We tried:

  • Chianti Classico: Click the link to learn more about the rich history behind chianti classico, produced in the Barberino Val D'elsa area of Tuscany for more than 2,000 years. If you're looking for an authentic chianti classico, look for the black rooster label, a symbol for chianti (find the whole origin story on the link). This one was particularly tasty.
  • Casalino Chianti Classico Riserva: A silky smooth chianti with notes of cherries and spice.
  • Chianti Superiore Banfi: A floral and plummy chianti. We got two years' worth...the first time that's EVER happened at wine club! Neither Melissa nor I could resist Da Vinci's "Lady with Ermine" on the label.
  • Dellatori Chianti : Fruity flavors abound in this wine, including strawberries and plums.
  • Rocca Felice Barbera D'Alba Superiore: Hints of red berries and vanilla, along with a "wash of smoke," according to the description. Another very good chianti.
Next up for Wine Club: Mexican food and sangria!

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