Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday Best v.241

My favorite besties, Tina and Amy.

Y'all, this week was BUSY and it kept raining. I had planned all these posts about yard stuff and then it rained a ton and then I got busy a ton and that's just life, isn't it? Today, Sean and I are celebrating 10 years of being together (!!!). My in-laws are coming to visit and help us learn how to manage the great outdoors. Hopefully I'll have more to report about that later in the week!
  • If you're a Jinx addict, here's even more info from Robert Durst's biographer.
  • Sizzler made the most patriotic commercial ever.
  • Feeling super inspired by Jenny's post on hex tile.
  • Kelly Clarkson kills it on the Phantom of the Opera cover.
  • Feminist books for little girls.
  • The incomparable Amy Schumer sums it all up perfectly.
  • Italians struck upon an amazing discovery while fixing a toilet.

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