Thursday, April 23, 2015

Life Lately

We've been BUSY. Work is busy, social life is busy, guests all the time, yardwork, blah blah blah. All the usual excuses, and yet they don't stop being true! So, I hope you don't mind a bit of a photo dump post to share what's been going on with us!

Sean celebrated his birthday about 12 days ago and it happened to fall in the middle of a bunch of work events on my end, so I skipped the fancy super-special perfectly selected gifts, went to the ABC store, and grabbed him this Irish whiskey from County Cavan and Bulleit Bourbon. He's a happy camper, and boy, did they look lovely in the afternoon light! The whiskey is surprisingly sweet, with hints of vanilla. I'm not a regular whisky drinker, but the sweetness was a nice switch.

I went to buy this Tula hat that I'd had my eye on at Bridget's (one of my favorite local stores), and as I left, I took a selfie to text to Ashleigh to show off my new must-have hat. No sooner had a taken the shot when a skinny hipster approached to ask if he could draw me. I hesitated, but then remembered, DUH I work for a freaking art could I say no??? He explained he's homeless (although he technically has a place to crash) and is trying to save up some money to help his mom with her prescriptions. The street was busy and although he seemed super anxious, I felt like I could trust him, so I pledged $5 and stood still for about 10 minutes while he drew this sketch. Bless him; it looks hilariously not like me, but it's not terrible and it definitely made for a great anecdote.

This beer is the best thing that's happened to me this month. I'm a total grapefruit nut, so I'm loving this limited edition shandy. 

I noticed all winter that our house was the darkest on the block. It made me feel like we are the Addams Family of our street! So I was excited to spot these solar path lights at Costco that give off this gorgeous star pattern on the lawn. It makes coming home a treat! 

A little extra illumination goes a long way!

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