Monday, October 27, 2014

Fall Home-a-Rama 2014!

 Wine Club ventured out to North Suffolk yesterday for one of our favorite activities of the year: picking apart gorgeous show homes to make ourselves feel better about never being able to afford them! This year's Home-a-Rama included seven homes. Overall, the lots felt a little too small and almost all of the houses had the same coastal/neutral color palette, but we still found plenty of inspiration. Here's some of our favorite little details we spotted:

This super on-trend dining room had oyster shell pendant lamps, driftwood mirrors and great textiles. The house was themed around coastal life in Suffolk, so it was pitch-perfect.

 I think our favorite thing was actually this Lego-themed kids room. In general, I think themed kids' rooms are a huge mistake since kids' change their tastes on a whim, but this was seriously cute. They even created a little Lego switchplate!

 Everything was awesome! (hahahaha...hopefully you've seen the Lego Movie.)

We were dying over this seriously spacious master bath that was big enough for a dinner party. The nickel-plated hardware looked great with the distressed wood cabinets and marble counters. It had 14 too many oyster shell accessories, however.

I'm a sucker for a subway tile backsplash, but once you throw marble and a herringbone pattern into the mix, I'm dying.

We also loved how the doors were framed elegant detail that gives it that extra something special. Also, note the great wet bar flowing between the kitchen and dining room!

 The railings also had a lovely design...a little Craftsman touch that would work in any home.

I loved this creative headboard idea...old oars, tennis rackets and fishing rods make awesome decor pieces, especially to add a masculine touch.

 These glittery stones in the fire pit pulled us right in...that might actually be a bad thing if you find them truly hypnotic!

 In a military-themed house, these model planes dangling from the ceiling added a nice touch of whimsy and fun.

 This little sliver of a window in the shower was a nice way to bring in natural light without worrying about exposure to your neighbors who are seriously right there when you look next door.

 I loved the two different fabrics on this armchair (although I don't know if I'd actually go for a fish-themed fabric...)

 A little window on the second floor of one home had us totally perplexed, until we looked through it and saw it overlooked this gorgeous set of curved beams over the living room. I'm not one for HUGE ceilings, but this was very elegant.

 A couple houses had barn doors — very trendy! — but this one made the best use of them. This set was made from a black walnut tree felled on the property and divided the master bath from the master bedroom. Lovely!

I also loved the mix of colors and textures in this master, especially the gorgeous framed photographs and the inspiring use of pendant lights. I don't know exactly how convenient that would be if you, like me, read much longer at night than your spouse but who cares about that? These are totally dream world houses!

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