Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Ballerina Bride

It's the week of my fourth wedding anniversary and as per tradition, I like to get my wedding jollies out by posting fantasy wedding theme ideas during my wedding week nostalgia! Forgive my light posting as of late...the house hunt is heating up! 

As the daughter of a ballet teacher, I couldn't help but soak in some ballet history despite my inability to soak in some flexibility. One of my favorite ballets as a child was "Giselle," and I was always enraptured by the costumes, which feature a longer "romantic"-length tutu. I mean, don't these ladies look like the most ethereal ballet corps you've ever seen?

I love the idea of bringing some of that elegance and poise to a wedding. Perhaps an evening affair in a beautiful old hotel, or even the lobby of a gorgeous old theater. 

Ballerina Bride

In my bridal fantasy, I would look every bit the part in dusty ballet rose, with a skirt that moves beautifully, an elegant bun and simple accessories. May I suggest:

  • Gown: This cream pouf of a dress by Justin Alexander, sure to leave everyone swooning after seeing it in action on the dance floor.
  • Earrings: Rose gold crystal studs, $48 at Henri Bendel. The perfect accessories for a long neck!
  • Headband: An elegant bow harkens back to the ribbons found on pointe shoes. $23 at Asos.
  • Cheeks: Skip the pirouettes and get a rosy flush from this Maybelline Master Glaze cheek stick, $7 at drugstores.
  • Eyes: Brighten those eyes and highlight that elegant bone structure with Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Apricot, $48 at Neiman Marcus.
  • Shoes: Bring the look together with strappy rose gold sandals; trade them for ballet flats as the night wears on!

ballet bridesmaids

I would put my own corps of bridesmaids in shades of ballet pink, sweet and pretty...perfect for a spring affair.

  • Dresses by Modcloth and J. Crew.
  • Gift matching Anne Taylor studs that go with everything.
  • An elegant bow carries the theme through the wedding.
  • Make sure they have the perfect pink pouts with this hot-selling (seriously, it's sold out at the moment) Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in Coachella Coral.

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