Friday, September 19, 2014

House Hunting Update

We haven't found one.

Hahaha...pretty anticlimactic, right?

We've probably looked at about 12 houses and of course, peeked inside countless homes virtually on various MLS sites. Some have had great potential; once I looked past the hideous ancient cabinets and business office berber carpet, I could start to picture the kitchen of my (realistic) dreams or the perfect spot for a mini painting studio.

But there's always something, isn't there? The funky bump in the roofline that looks like it might require a roof replacement. The HVAC that looks older than me. The super scary flood plane map that shows the backyard might be at risk. There's been a LOT of sighing happening over here, folks.

I wish I could share pictures of some of the insane things we've seen, but I do want to respect the privacy of the homeowners. But just for giggles, here's some of the descriptions that have helped us remember which house is which:

  • The Navajo living room
  • The Packers/Detroit Red Wings/Cincinnati Reds/Dolphins fan house
  • The Septic Plug Yard
  • The Bear-Themed Bathroom
  • The Happy Hour "Gazebo"
  • The Business Park House

It's certainly an adventure! I think the hardest part is balancing the conflicting emotions of:

a) Wanting to find THE house and waiting to see if you get THE feeling in one of them...
b) Trying to remember location is the most important thing, even when every house in a good location is meh
c) Knowing it could very well take months but...
d) Also knowing there is no perfect house, and the housing supply isn't going to be unlimited.

How about you guys? Do you have any house-hunting horror stories? Tales of when you KNEW you'd found the one? I'd love to commiserate with you!

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holly said...

Have you heard our story? We weren't in the market for a house at the time. We drove down a street we'd never been on to meet friends at a city park for a picnic. On the street an adorable little ranch was having an open house. Our friends convinced us to pop in for fun. 3 months later we moved in :)