Friday, April 25, 2014

Wine Club: Rose

 Sparkly? Pink? What's not to love! Wine Club delved into the world of rose wine this week. We learned a lot (especially from this Buzzfeed article). To make rose, grapes are lightly mushed, then allowed to macerate in their skins and the wine is made from the juice. The longer they macerated, the deeper the color. Voila!

 Because of this, the colors vary greatly. Rose is a genre of wine, and can be made from any grape! We sampled:

  • Riondo Pink Spago Argento: I'm a sucker for sweet sparkly stuff and this was no exception! It was fruity and light.
  • Blenheim Rose: Dave Matthews owns this winery, which produces a dryer, tarter rose with hints of strawberry, grapefruit and orange peel.
  • Clear Bottle Bay White Zinfandel: I couldn't find a site for this one, but it was also a little dry, but tasty!
  • Barboursville Vintage Rose: I brought this Virginia wine, with a complex mix of four grapes giving it hints of stone fruits, like pineapple and mango. 
  • The Frenchhouse Rose: This wine's grapes are made in the saignee style, with the grapes macerated for approximately 24 hours. This has flavors of strawberry, pomegranate and watermelon and is tasty!!
  • Pigmentum Malbec Rose: A lovely French rose, easy to drink with hints of strawberries and red cherries.
  • Salvatore Principe Dolce Rosso: The deepest wine we had, this is a soft, fruity light red with flavors of black cherry and plum.

 To complement our wines, our hostess Jen made up an inspired spread of pink-inspired or fruit-inspired foods. She dyed deviled eggs in gorgeous watercolor shades that matched the spectrum of rose wines! Above and beyond.

She also made a delicious strawberry salad with glazed nuts and goat cheese. 

 And ham biscuits with raspberry dijon sauce! So good.

But the piece de resistance had to be her angel food cake with a peach creme center, served with strawberries topped with hand-whipped cream with rose wine. It was divine! 

Drinking all that rose had me itching for summer! We're only a month or so away from lounging on the beach, hopefully with a glass of pink wine.

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