Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Marbled Footed Bowl: The Finished Result

 My pottery piece is back from Color Me Mine! It's cool to see the finished product, but I have to admit...I thought it would magically look much more marbled!

 It teaches such respect for ceramicists because they can tell if they've done a good job glazing before their pieces are ever fired. I'm definitely just now learning that! The inside is a little streaky, and I really thought I had it just right when I finished! Lesson learned.

But, I do love its unique look and think it will be a great complement to my other pieces of pottery, which tend to be green and aqua. Now I just want to try again and again until I get it perfect!

Have you ever successfully glazed pottery? What's the trick to seeing the future and knowing you've got it just right? I'm guessing the trick is practice!

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gina-mom said...

I think it's beautiful!... hope I can try this someday... proud of you!