Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Today I Like ... Jane Eyre

I FINALLY got to see the newest adaptation of "Jane Eyre" over the weekend. Can I just take a minute to rant about the current state of our video-watching options? Our Blockbusters have closed, so my options are: Netflix Instant (I cancelled the mailing service during the crazy days), iTunes, Hulu, OnDemand or Redbox. I kept waiting for "Jane Eyre" to pop up on Netflix and it just didn't happen, so I finally broke down and ordered it on OnDemand. #firstworldproblems, #whitewhine. I know, I know.

Anyways, it was a pretty gorgeous, moody, delicate adaptation with a lovely muted palette. Mia Wasikowska just disappears into the role and I think, for my money, that there may never be a sexier Rochester than Michael Fassbender. Hot damn, that man knows a thing or two about close-talking.

Get the Look
Jane Eyre

We can't really get away with the mid-1800s look in modern America, but I think the idea of taking inspiration from Jane Eyre's look and incorporating it into contemporary winter wear. A wool cape over a prim and proper gray dress, with tights and high heeled lace-up boots, helps you weather the gloomy days on the moors (or the sidewalks, as it were).

Mint and gold brocade wallpaper can dress up walls, and is there any better lighting for short winter days than a pewter candelabra? If the days are nice, we can always pack up our writer's chests and step outside to sketch. Sigh. I was born in the wrong time.

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