Monday, November 21, 2011

Holiday Shopping: Your Main Man

Cuff-links, ties, cologne. All great man gifts, but all lacking that certain zest. The problem with men is that when they want something, they buy it. End of story. And that rarely includes necessities like clothing, so that's what we end up buying them. But we can still make it special right? Right.

Doesn't EVERY man need a Spock robe? Seriously. $59.85 

Man Gifts

Man gifts with flare can include: Stylish Corgi socks from J.Crew; Root liquor (like root beer concentrate, but alcoholic); a Best Buy gift card for video games; Whiskey stone shot glasses; a super warm sleeping bag; Superman cuff links; an Indiana Jones-inspired cuff links box; and a super-nice tie by The Hill-Side.

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theshe said...

Spock robe - not just for your main man. Also a good selection for your main Jodi.