Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Best v.36

Want to know how I spent my downtime this weekend? Setting and beating scores on Snood! Do you remember Snood? I was obsessed my freshman year of college. This week, Jack Donaghy said he was drinking whiskey and playing Snood on 30 Rock and that was all the reminder I needed. I promptly downloaded the game and have been reliving 2002 for the past two days. For some reason, I was having trouble typing, so you might notice I'm setting my records as "mberAAmber." Yeah, I had a good hearty laugh over it, too.
  • For fans of The Big Lebowski: The dudeth abideth.
  • This Kate Spade dress is near perfect if you've ever coveted Holly Golightly's hot pink dress in "Breakfast at Tiffany's."
  • I totally weeped in my office reading Joanna's birth story.
  • Need an incredibly versatile accessory? Try a furoshiki.
  • Another resource for vintage-style wedding gowns. How come these are all cropping up AFTER I conducted my search?
  • Don't sloppy joe sliders sound like the best fall food right about now?
  • Chalkboards are de rigeur right now, and this heart-shaped one is the cutest.

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