Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Best v.34

Did you just die for last week's Mad Men episode? I loved it; I'm a Peggy fan and I love her and Don's father/daughter/peer/confidant relationship. You can read my thoughts on each episode over at my friend Alex's new blog. Catch up with our recaps on Mondays!

In the meantime, here's two weeks' worth of my favorite links! My Sundays have been nutsy busy lately, so my apologies for missing last week.
  • A very cool multimedia experiment involving The Arcade Fire and Google Maps!
  • Miss "Gourmet"? You can still get your fix.
  • Stuck for rehearsal dinner ideas? How about floating downriver?
  • How to make lace envelopes out of doilies.
  • A tutorial to make an ice cream cone pinata.
  • I totally want this silhouette machine.
  • The coolest wedding things this summer. Hint: It involves a zombie cake.
  • What's better than having all your best friends at your wedding? Having them look like a fashion spread.

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