Monday, March 21, 2016

Spring is Here, and We're Eating Good

Spring has come to the Kennedy house! I finally (omg, this is embarrassing) put away my Christmas mantel last week, and decorated for spring. Easy enough, with daffodils popping up in the backyard.

The only other real thing going on around here is that we're still loving Plated, our meal delivery service and had one of the honest-to-goodness best homemade meals ever last week when we tried their seared skirt steak with red wine shallot sauce, honey-roasted rainbow carrots, smashed red potatoes and (not pictured) whipped goat cheese with chives. Oh my lordy, I cleaned my plate. And whipped goat cheese couldn't be easier! I'll be sure to post about it sometime soon.

On St. Paddy's Day, I conquered one of my former food nightmares: Shepherd's Pie. I'm not a fan of mashed potatoes, which makes me a bonafide crazy person in the view of most people, so I'd always regarded the dish as an Everest to climb. But guess what? Every single bite of this was delicious (even though I could do with more flavorful mashed potatoes).

And for a picture of marriage, let me set the scene. On Thursday, I arrived home to see my Bartlett pear tree in full bloom. I took a deep breath and it just smelled lovely to me, exactly like the certain arrival of spring. I went inside and declared the same to my husband.

Me: Did you smell the tree outside?
Sean: Oh, I know, it stinks. It's god-awful.
Me (shocked): Are you kidding? It smells like flowers! It smells like spring!
Sean: It stinks. It smells like poo. It's terrible.

He then pulls out his phone and shows me a post in our neighborhood's facebook group in which many, many people talked about how disgusting the neighborhood smells right now because of the pear trees.

I don't care. I think it smells great.

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Miranda Fulk said...

Can you share the Shepherd's Pie recipe? It looks delicious!