Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The First-Ever Winesgiving!

 Five whole years ago, a few girls got together and started a wine club. The premise was pretty simple: we would get together every few weeks like a book club, but rather than pretend to read a book or complain about hating a book, we would share wine instead! It was a stroke of genius on the part of our founders, Miranda and Erica, and one of the things we've wanted to do for a long time is go on a winery tour to celebrate our big anniversary.


It is very hard for seven people to schedule a weekend away. So instead, we settled for a mini Wine Club excursion that was so fun, we deemed it Winesgiving and hope to repeat for years to come! We decided to pay a visit to the nearby New Kent Winery. We started our trip with a stop at The Cheese Shop in Williamsburg to pick up provisions: sandwiches (with their House Dressing, natch), cheese and chocolate.

We ate our treats family style, which truly made it feel like a Wine Club version of Thanksgiving. Here's my little spread of cheeses (that cranberry goat cheese was to die for) and chocolate. 

We bought bottles of wine to share, and my favorite was New Kent's White Merlot (who knew that was even a thing?). It was so nice to visit and catch up. New Kent's staff put us in the private area upstairs since we had a fairly large party, so it was like we had our own private party rental for free! We also made sure to enjoy their gorgeous porch overlooking the grounds, complete with outdoor heaters.

After the movie, some of us ventured out to see the latest Hunger Games movie, which was the perfect ending to the day! I'm so thankful to have this group of ladies in my life. Many folks have asked over the years how to start a wine club, and it's really as simple as inviting a friend, encouraging them to invite a friend and so on. I only knew two of our members prior to the club beginning, but now I feel like I have a little family!

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