Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunday Best v. 226

I spent this wonderful weekend in the Outer Banks celebrating the 30th birthday of my bestie, Ashleigh, who nagged me for not blogging. Needless to say, the past week and a half have been a whirlwind! We are 90% moved into our house, but that last 10% of stuff at the apartment is weighing me down. But soon enough, it will be a distant memory and we'll just be focused on making our house a home.
  • Adorable stories made up about strangers.
  • What happened to overtime?
  • An amazing underwater ballroom!
  • SNL cut this hilarious sketch mocking those VH1 countdowns.
  • A powerful article about acknowledging privilege.
  • Darrell DMC says Sarah McLachlan is a god. (Seriously, listen to that story. It's amazing.)
  • What you learn in your 40s.
  • All the women in peril in entertainment who somehow find time to shave.

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