Sunday, April 2, 2017

A Pretty Week in Provo

Not too long ago, I jetted off for a work trip to beautiful Provo, Utah. I didn't expect to have much time to explore, but I was pleasantly surprised I did get to hop around a bit! In case any of you are plotting a trip to Utah, I thought I'd share some of the spots that charmed me.

I was told by BYU grads that no trip to Provo is complete without a stop at the legendary 37-year-old deli, Sensuous Sandwich. Its circa-70s decor reminded me of our own college sandwich joint, Subway Station and my childhood favorite, Dari Barn.

This is the wall of brave souls who have tried to set a record devouring the 24-inch sandwich. I played it a little safer, with the 8-inch Bodacious with swiss cheese.

I walked around the beautiful grounds of the Provo City Center Temple, which was reconstructed after a fire not too many years ago. It's right on Center Street, which is the main artery leading to international restaurants, the convention center and lovely small shops.

I loved Unhinged, a quirky boutique selling small brands' apparel and accessories, art and decor, along with plenty of vintage clothing and even a barber shop upstairs.

Fancy a new old pair of Chucks? Unhinged has got you, boo.

Down the street is Here, a beautiful boutique selling art, decor, some apparel and even stained glass! I picked up a couple prints with gold foil-printed quotes from Jane Austen and Walt Whitman.

One night, we trekked out to one of the breweries in the forewarned, beer is on the weak side, because Utah requires beer to have only 3.2 percent alcohol content. Just the same, Strap Tank Brewing Co. was a great spot to sip beer, watch basketball and listen to live music! The decor was amazing...that wood ceiling was mesmerizing!

How beautiful is that wavy glass? So many great details.

And my hefeweizen!

You can't visit Provo without making time to go at least to the base of the legendary Y mountain. It has many switchbacks that make it an easy hike, but I arrived at sunset, so decided not to go too far. Just the same, I was rewarded with a beautiful view.

Not far from the start, I saw a small hill and once I reached the top, I spotted this sweet tree swing. How adorable is that?

On my way to the airport, I realized I actually had enough time to do a whirlwind spin through downtown Salt Lake City. I did a Google search for "best burger in SLC" and Proper Burger Co. popped up.

I've been trying to cut down a bit on my burger/fries consumption, so I'm very glad I broke my long break with this fantastic one. I had the hipster burger, topped with red onion jam, kale pesto, fresh herb cheese spread, garlic aioli and spinach, under a delicious flour-dusted bun. And you best believe I didn't pass on the fry sauce.

After lunch, I drove to the State Capital, which is situated high above the city with a view of everything. And yeah, it does look just like the U.S. Capitol.

Beehives have great symbolism in Utah because Mormon leaders believed it was a symbol of industry, harmony and the sweet results of toil. It's cute.

The state capital was basically the most incredible marble showroom I've ever visited. With all due respect, I was envisioning my dream bathrooms the whole time.

How gorgeous is that?

In short, Utah is beautiful, sweet and the people couldn't be sweeter! I really want to go back to visit Arches National Park, one of my dream vacations.

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