Monday, April 25, 2016

A Wine Club Sprinkle

Three years to the day after our first Wine Club baby shower, we toasted Melissa again with a "sprinkle" for her second baby on the way. I wanted to share a few pics from our fun, relaxed party. 

To decorate, I bought pre-cut tissue poms from the cheap section at the front of Target and ordered the raindrop garland from Amazon. It would be easy to craft, but ain't nobody got time for that these days! 

I couldn't resist ordering these adorable emoji balloons from Amazon, which ended up being a great gift for Melissa's little girl!

For the "sprinkle" theme at a baby girl shower, I opted to decorate with blues and whites, with accents of pink. So I busted out my Nana's wedgewood and sprinkled some Target pink confetti. 

We decided to toast our future lady friend with delicious rose wines. Not all are pictured, but we enjoyed Le Rose de Mouton Cadet...

 ... and Beringer Pink Moscato...

 And lovely La Cuvee Mythique Brut Rose.

 For supper, we "sprinkled" rosemary garlic spices on homemade popcorn, then enjoyed a DIY tartine bar. I set up fixins to make:

  • A Philly tartine: Sandwich steak + bell peppers + a mix of Grand Cru, Mozzarella and Fontiago
  • An Italiano: Pesto + Soppressata + mix of Grand Cru, Mozz and Fontiago + Balsamic Glaze
  • A Mexicano: Mexican-spiced chicken + bell peppers + mix of Grand Cru, Smoked Fontina and 3-pepper cheddar + lime mayo

Basically, they were the best thing ever. Melty open-faced sandwiches are my new favorite dinner.

And we finished off with ice cream sundaes topped with — what else? — sprinkles!

And what would be a shower without adorable baby stuff? We got Melissa a mixture of practical gear and squeal-worthy outfits and accessories.

We can't wait to meet our next little boo and couldn't be more excited she'll be another future Wine Club member!

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