Wednesday, November 26, 2014

More Before Pics!

I weirdly keep forgetting to take "before" pics of the rest of the house, but luckily I saved the original MLS listing pictures, so I'm sharing these with you today! That's almost more fun, right? This room is probably everyone's favorite: the finished room over the garage (FROG for those of you hip on the real estate slang). It was used as an office by the previous owner, but Sean will be getting his much-wished-for and long-awaited man space to play video games and generally hide from me.

I'm hoping he'll let me decorate the room like an old ship captain's quarters or an old British library. We'll see how much interference he'll tolerate. He said he wants bean bags; I, of course, want to paint it navy and fill it with tweeds and leather.

While we're enjoying the luxury of four bedrooms and no kids, I'm going to be making this bedroom my painting studio/sewing space/terrific lady room. I'm thinking about taking it to its max and even painting it pink, but that might be too much for me because I'm all about those neutrals.

 The master bedroom is a great size and funny enough, I'm pretty sure the best layout will be the one we have in our current master, so there won't be much change there. Except the paint color. Definitely the paint color.

The master bathroom is the most updated room in the house, with a new shower stall. We may or may not eventually add a nice glass door there, but the biggest priority for this room will be maximizing storage capabilities since it has a pedestal sink. The previous owners removed their shelves, so we're starting from scratch.

So that's our house! Many, many, many projects ahead, but we got very lucky because the important stuff (roof, AC, heat pump) were in great shape. That just leaves the aesthetics, which is what I wanted all along anyway!

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Miranda Fulk said...

Add a mirrored medicine cabinet over the sink. You will be amazed by the extra space!