Sunday, March 19, 2017

A Wine Tour of Portugal

Wine Club recently ventured to Tinto in Chesapeake, one of three locations for this small group of wine and cheese bars. Tinto specializes in hard-to-find wines from Portugal and Spain, and they were kind enough to accommodate us for a special guided tasting through the delicious varietals. We also had this spectacular cheese plate...seriously, this Midnight Moon cheese was so good we ordered an extra wheel.

 The cheat sheet for our journey through Greece, Spain and Portugal's grapes.

 It's cozy and cute! The other two locations are in Virginia Beach and Norfolk.

We sampled a Greek Savvatiano, a tropical white that I really loved.

Basa Lore Getariako Txakolina, an effervescent Spanish white with hints of lime and a crisp finish.

Leira Reyero Albarino, a Spanish wine from Burgos. This was a lovely light, tropical wine with a dry finish and hints of apricot and pineapple.

Bajancas, from Douro, Portugal. This was a well-rounded chocolatey, spicy red.

We also had Bodega Picos Gran Gregoriano, a blend of tempranillo, garnacha, syrah and cabernet sauvignon. This was oak-aged and dry, with notes of cherries.

We loved our journey through Portugal that didn't include the obvious (port). Excited to try more wines from this region!

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