Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Turning My Black Thumb Green

What I've been doing when not blogging: Enjoying the great outdoors and trying DESPERATELY to finish a going-on-three-month deck makeover project. Y'all....all these rainy days are no joke. Anyway, here's a peek at what's been going on outside around these parts.

I've got container garden fever! I've got these caladiums paired with hot pink annuals, purple sweet potato vine and coleus.

Walking up to the porch is like walking up to a jungle, y'all!

I went a little crazy buying sweet potato vine and coleus this year, but no ragrets.

Pretty sure these potato vines are ready to snipped and propagated. They're almost fully concealing their containers and it's only June!

I'm also loving the color in this coleus, and a little surprised my coleus has surpassed the elephant ear in height.

My hydrangea bush is delivery many more blooms this year than last year, so I'm enjoying the harvest!

I want to plant approximately 50 more bushes. No, but seriously.

I also couldn't resist this hanging copper planter I spotted at an antique shop, and decided to try my hand at succulents. Wish me luck because I definitely forgot to line the bottom with rocks for better drainage (it made me nervous since it's hanging indoors)!

And in my quest to improve my gardening game even more, I bugged Sean to mount the Gladiator GearTrack we got for Christmas. It's a really awesome hook-and-mount system for your garage stuff, like yard equipment, extension cords, etc. We cleaned out the garage first, then hung the system and now there's basically enough room in there to have a house party.

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