Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Today I Like ... Bloomsbury Style

Did you ever see The Hours? It had little snippets of Virginia Woolf's visits with her sister, painter Vanessa Bell. The sisters were the center of the Bloomsbury set, a group of artists, writers and friends who challenged all the commonly held ideas of their era. Vanessa Bell's home, Charleston House, is an amazing example of unprecious decorating, full of whimsy and personal touches that I wish I had the guts to pull off. Here's some inspiring shots I found on Pinterest.

Bell handpainted the famous paisley wallpaper...I wish they'd sell that pattern! It contrasts beautifully with the comfy white furniture.

The bentwood chair is very modern for its time, and I love the blanket casually tossed over it.

Bell thought nothing of painting on the fireplace. The space is grounded with classic old English antiques, like blue and white vases.

I can't wait to go to England to visit it someday! Perfect country house.

Get the Look
Bloomsbury Set

To get the look in a more budget-friendly way, I'd recommend scouring an antique mall/thrift store for interesting 20th century sculptures, blue and white vases and paintings. I tried to mimic her mix of patterns with the paisley wallpaper, from Home Depot of all places, and the Dwell chinoiserie fabric for curtains and/or pillows.

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